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Plan ◆ Pave ◆ Preserve

Our approach is simple yet highly effective.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, our Plan, Pave, and Preserve method
is budget friendly and designed to create lifelong customers.

plan of attack


Pavement management planning is a methodical approach
to managing budgets while extending the life cycle of your pavement.

After existing pavement has been evaluated, a strategic
pavement management plan is developed and outlined
with digital mapping clarifying the plan of attack.

Planning before paving helps to meet budgets while
preserving and extending the life cycle of the initial investment.

The planning process helps provide safety to pedestrians
while keeping deliveries on schedule and businesses
operational during the pavement installation process.


After the pavement management plan is in place the pavement installation process begins. Infrared repair is a seamless repair process with modern day technology that helps restore failing areas limited in size. Resurfacing of pavement is performed when existing pavement surfaces are structurally sound. The area is cleaned and a new asphalt coating is installed over the existing surface. Milling
and Paving is a removal and replacement process to dispose of existing failed asphalt followed by installation of a new asphalt layer.Depth of milling and paving is dictated by the structural integrity of the existing pavement surface and is the key to longevity.

preserve prevent maintenance of pavement


After pavement has been installed the lifespan of your investment is dictated by many factors. Now that the sub base has been repaired, replaced or resurfaced the preserve period is critical.Preserving the asphalt pavement from weather, freeze/thaw cycles, excessive oxidation, and chemicals with rubberized crack
filler and seal coat will double the life cycle of new pavement and maintain warranty. Dedication to follow the pavement management plan will protect your investment while restoring the overall appearance of your property.

Our Mission

“To create an unparalleled customer experience while assuring
absolute certainty through our Plan, Pave, Preserve approach”

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